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If You decided to start a training and specified the goal– congratulations the first step to change your life for the better is taken. Book a free consultation and first training, after which we determine the best path to achieve success.

Trainings leads:

Jaroslaw Wiśniowski.
A personal trainer, masseur, master of Physical Education.

Regardless of age – it’s always worth to take a new challenge. If you have trouble with starting workout, be tought – nobody will do the first step for you. Walking away from the known patterns of daily routines is the best and most exciting thing you can do for yourself. Body is not the only thing that changes – the approach to life also.

I’ve experienced many methods of training and executed different training goals. Once – hard training and strict diet – today – more distance – exercise and nutrition as a conscious stimulation to help in the proper functioning of the body.

If you are looking to: improve the appearance of your body, improve muscle mass, burn excess fat, improve fitness… – I guarantee professional assistance and great results.

As a coach, I provide you with an individual program of exercises and convenient for you schedule of meals. Also I’m helping to build healthy and beneficial habits.

If you feel back, neck, tension or suffering a great pain – I invite you for a consultation. Together we analyze your movement habits and find a reasons of discomfort. Also I provide individual therapy for you that will relief and release from common ailments.

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