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Ayurvedic massages

VISHESH – strong and deep full body massage 

strong, deep massage of the whole body. A more intense version of Abhyanga. In addition to traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques, i.e. harmonious stroking, here we will experience deep kneading and pressure. During the massage, the therapist uses forearms and elbows to effectively and intensively release tension and develop trigger points. The intensity of the techniques depends on the body type of the massaged person.

For whom:

  • for people who like strong massages,
  • exposed to overload,
  • physically working,
  • for people who spend many hours in a sitting position,
  • for everyone who leads an active lifestyle,
  • suffering from diseases related to, among others, the cervical, thoracic or lumbar sections,
  • who have a problem with excessive muscle tension.
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