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Foot reflexology is an extremely effective and safe method of treatment. By working on receptors located on the feet that correspond to individual organs, glands and body parts, the therapist stimulates the body to cleanse from toxins. In addition, energy channels are unblocked – so-called meridians, which leads to relaxation of the body and relaxation of the mind.

In practice – the procedure involves precise, “working on” of the feet using appropriate techniques. Sensations over the entire surface are similar and painful places are not palpable. The occurrence of changes, e.g. visual (different color of the epidermis, calluses) or areas causing pain – signals when a problem occurs.

Foot reflexology is effective in the fight against:

  • migraine,
  • insomnia menstrual problems disorders of the endocrine,
  • digestive and digestive systems,
  • kidney (sand, kidney stones) and liver diseases,
  • lymphatic stasis blood pressure disorders (relieves hypertension and hypotension),
  • stress, depression, permanent fatigue.
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