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Gabinet JuriMo / Relaxing full body massage



Full body massage using relaxing techniques used in classical massage. Made with the use of warm essential oils and accompanied by relaxing music. The whole body relaxation massage has a relaxing effect and improves the body’s health and well-being. It is a perfect solution for states of muscle and nervous tension. Relaxing full body massage is used, among others, to reduce and minimize chronic tension caused by stress. Properly used techniques have a positive effect on improving well-being and achieving a blissful state of relaxation.

Benefits of a full-body relaxing massage at Krakow’s Jurimo Studio: , . For whom? to everyone leading an active lifestyle, for people exposed to chronic stress, having a problem with excessive emotional tension.

  • ensures well-being and relaxation,
  • relieves stress caused by stress, 

For whom?

  • for people with sedentary work
  • for people with active lifestyles,
  • for people exposed to chronic stress, 
  • having a problem with excessive emotional tension.
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