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Gabinet JuriMo / Sports massage



Dedicated to active people, counteracts the effects of fatigue associated with physical exertion, recommended for people at all levels of training. Performed mainly using techniques taken from classical massage with increased strength and intensity. Each treatment is adapted in terms of techniques, intensity and pace to: – sports practiced, – training stage, – training condition.

The benefits of sports massage:

  • accelerates recovery after exercise and prevents overtraining,
  • helps to reduce muscle soreness after training faster,
  • relaxes deep muscle and tissue parts,
  • relieves pain,
  • makes joints more flexible and increases their mobility,
  • reduces the risk of injury,
  • eliminates excessive muscle tension,
  •  cleanses the body of toxins,
  • helps relieve stress and its consequences.

Who is it for this kind of massage?

Sports massage is suitable for people of all ages, any physical and health condition, professionally or recreationally practicing sport.

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