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Holistic Massages

Massages in JuriMo are deep and strong. Intensely affect both the muscles and the mind. Each massage is a combination of classical and oriental techniques and is executed with the use of warm essential oils with rhythm of relaxing music. This treatment stimulates all the senses and evokes the best memories. Intensive manual stimulation which causes relaxation massage is not only relaxing, but also improves the health condition and well-being. It’s the perfect
solution for states of muscular and nervous tension.

Before each full body massage – 20 minutes warm-up in InfraRed cabin for free!


Relaxation and therapeutic full body massage performed by Master – Jurij Mokriszczew: Performed with a hot essential oils deeply relaxing and energy purifying.

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Therapeutic massage for people struggling with chronic muscle pain. Performed techniques drawn from Tibetan massage and shiatsu with a strong focus on the stimulation of trigger points and acupressure.

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Harmonizes and clears the energy flow in the body. stimulates the body’s natural regenerative processes. Dissolves negative emotions, and above all brings relief and relaxation.

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Massage of ancient tradition and roots, coming from Hawaii. Performed in the spirit of Aloha – with total acceptance, kindness, respect and mindfulness. Approaching a man in a holistic way.

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The combination of Jurimo’s original massage techniques with hot volcanic stones from the Dead Sea. Provides an extremely deep psychological and energetic experience.

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Specialized relaxing massage. It is indicated as any properly dosed physical activity and a great help for expectant mothers during pregnancy.

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