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Heavy, tired and swollen legs after a long day – more than half of Polish women are experiencing such feelings. These are symptoms of impaired blood and lymph circulation in the legs. Prolonged immobility makes the blood pressure in the legs growing. To prevent damage to the veins and valves, the water contained in the blood, passes through the vessel walls into the surrounding tissue. The pressure in the veins is reduced, and the legs swell. Stretched over time veins transformed into varicose veins.

Ailments that removes leg lymphatic drainage:

  • The feeling of heavy legs at the end of the day,
  • “Spiders” Vascular – telangiectasia,
  • Dilation, aching feet and legs,
  • Swelling,
  • Painful muscle spasms.

The positive effects of lymphatic drainage is felt after the first treatment, but it is recommended to use it in series, preferably daily.

Lymphatic drainage treatment involves moving residual lymph towards the lymph nodes. It is different than a regular massage, slower, without deep tribulation, however, requires a specific knowledge of anatomy and specialized techniques, which have specialists in Studio JURIMO.

Lymphatic drainage is affecting on whole body.
Restores water-electrolyte balance in the intercellular spaces. Forces the drain of lymph, and with it the products of metabolism. They are transported to the organ filter, and then excreted in the urine. Furthermore, drainage nourishes and oxygenates the body. It’s perfect to fight with the heaviness of the legs. After session, the client feels light, relaxed and revived. You can also notice weight loss. Through better blood circulation legs will be warmer, the skin oxygenated and better nourished.

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