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Kobido – non-surgical face lift.

One of the most technically advanced forms of face massage. The massage area includes: the muscles of the face, neck, cleavage, shoulder, head, back.

Kobido massage, as one of the deepest and most intense lifting treatments, is an excellent alternative to aesthetic medicine treatments.

Kobido massage is commonly referred to as a non-surgical face lift. The effects of the treatment are visible quickly – after the first treatment.

These are i.a.

  • improvement of the contour and oval of the face,
  • reducing the signs of skin aging and regaining a younger look of the face as a result of deep muscle massage leveling drooping cheeks,
  • reducing muscle tension and, at the same time, reducing mimic wrinkles leveling bags under the eyes,
  • lifting drooping eyelids,
  • relaxation and rest,
  • elimination of facial stiffness,
  • firming and improving the appearance of the skin.

How often should Kobido massage be performed?
If we want a lasting effect, at the beginning it is worth doing the massage regularly. 10 sessions twice a week are very effective. After such a series, we recommend performing a massage once / twice a month to preserve the effect.

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