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Gabinet JuriMo / Regulations


1. JuriMo – Studio Massage and Natural Therapy in Krakow at ul. Czarnowiejska 75, hereinafter referred to as the Studio, provides services in the field of:
– Classic, relaxing and oriental massages;
– Personal training, preventive exercises;
– Ear candling and conquering treatments;
– Massage courses, relaxation workshops;
– Sessions in the infrared sauna.

2. The studio is open from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 22.00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 20:00, closed on public holidays.
3. The services of the Studio have the right to use all willing, hereinafter referred to as Clients, on the principles set out in these Regulations.
4. In order to use the Studio services, prior telephone, personal or online reservations are required.
5. The Customer undertakes to provide the service in accordance with the set time.

6. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the customer undertakes to pay the full fee. * If the reason for late cancellation is an emergency or illness – after paying for the missed session the client can arrange another date for free.

7. The basis for using the services of the Studio is payment in accordance with the current price list.
8. In the Studio it is possible to pay in cash, by credit cards and by bank transfer by prior arrangement. The Studio does not charge additional fees for non-cash transactions.
9. The customer may purchase a subscription which should be used before the end of the set validity period from the date of purchase. The studio is not obliged to redeem vouchers / passes after the set deadline.
10. Purchased service packages / subscriptions and gift vouchers are not refundable.
11. If the visit is not canceled, promotional coupons and vouchers will be forfeited.
12. Customers are required to comply with health and safety and fire protection regulations, and their own safety.
13. Customers are required to provide the therapist with illnesses and ailments that may be a contraindication to using the services of the Studio.
14. Clients using the services of the Studio are obliged to leave their personal belongings in locker rooms.
15. In the studio area it is obligatory to wear variable footwear or disposable pads.
16. It is forbidden to: – arbitrary use of the InfraRed sauna and independent setting of sauna parameters, – entering bystanders into the Studio, – smoking in the Studio and staircase, – bringing and drinking alcohol throughout the Studio, – staying in the Studio persons in a state indicating the consumption of alcohol and narcotic drugs, – placing animals in the Studio, – placing advertisements and acquisitions without the consent of the Studio’s management.
17. Clients are obliged to come to the treatments on time, not earlier, not later, without accompanying persons.
18. Please, come with your own masks.
19. Own towel welcome (not required).
20. Immediately after entering the office, ask for:
– removal of outerwear,
– forwarded telephone,
– hand disinfection,
– read the regulations, completing the health questionnaire (if you have not completed the online version sent in a text message).
21. Each Studio customer is obliged to read and comply with these regulations.
22. Booking visits and using Studio services is tantamount to accepting the regulations.
23. Employees of Massage Studio supervise compliance with these regulations. Clients residing in the Studio are required to comply with their instructions.