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JuriMo – Studio of Massage and Natural Therapy in Krakow, ul. Czarnowiejska 75/1A


General provisions

1. These Regulations, hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”, define the rules for the use of massage and natural therapies provided in the massage parlour JURIMO, hereinafter referred to as “Studio”.
2. Clients of the Studio are required to read the Rules and Regulations before proceeding to any therapy, massage or personal training, hereinafter referred to as “Treatment”.
3. Joining the Treatment is tantamount to accepting the provisions of the Regulations. Each Client is obliged to comply directly with its provisions from the moment of entering a Treatment.

4. Scope of services provided at JuriMo – Massage and Natural Therapy Studio:
– Classical, relaxing, oriental massage;
-Personal training, preventive exercises;
– Ear candling and ear candling treatments;
– Massage courses and relaxation workshops
– Sessions in the infrared sauna


  1. Any adult natural person can be a customer of the Studio.
  2.  It is allowed for minors to take part in Treatments with a consent of their parents, guardian or legal representative. The Studio employee is entitled to request the appropriate consent at any time or to establish a connection with the person authorized to give such consent in order to confirm the consent, and to refuse to provide the Treatment in the case of lack of consent or refusal to give consent.


  1. Employees shall be properly trained for the position they hold and shall possess all required certifications, approvals and permits to work in the capacity appropriate to their position.
  2. The employee, before starting the Treatment, is obliged to check the condition of his/her workplace and take care of the stock of disposable and protective materials.
  3. Before starting the treatment, the employee is obliged to disinfect the workplace, hands and forearms up to elbow height, as well as reusable tools. The employee performs the same actions during the treatment, if it interrupts its continuity, and after completing the Treatment.
  4. Studio employees shall maintain their hands and nails in such a condition as to minimize the risk of scratches and cuts.
  5. Studio employees are required to keep their hair up so as to minimize the risk of hair entering the Treatment area.
  6. Studio employees are obliged to observe health and safety and fire regulations.
  7. Any deviations from the above rules should be immediately reported by the Clients to the owner or the person responsible for a given shift.


  1. The client may make a prior appointment for the treatment in the Studio, by phone, in person or through the website or
  2. The appointment must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the client shall be obliged to pay the full fee for the planned treatment (if the reason for the late cancellation is an emergency or illness – after paying for the missed session the client may make another appointment free of charge)


  1. Failure to attend a Treatment on the scheduled date, cancellation or multiple consecutive reschedules less than 24 hours prior to the start of the Treatment entitles the Studio to make no further on-line reservations for that Client or to charge the Client up to 50% more for the next Treatment. Blocking in the system will occur after the 3rd violation of the above provision. The additional amount of compensation shall be added at the first Treatment provided.
  2. For booked Treatments, please arrive 5 minutes before the agreed time at the latest. The Studio reserves the right not to provide a Treatment to a Client who arrives more than 15 minutes late.
  3. Notwithstanding the above, with the Client’s express consent, the Treatment may be performed even despite the delay, provided that the individual stages of the Treatment shall be shortened at the discretion of the Employee, except for stages which have a specific minimum duration. The full price of the Treatment so performed shall be due.
  4. If the Treatment is delayed for reasons attributable to the Studio, including the Employee, none of the stages will be shortened.
  5. The Studio reserves the right to cancel the date of the Treatment 24 hours before the date of the Treatment. The Studio shall agree with the Client on a new date of the Treatment.
  6. Priority for the date of the treatment shall be given to clients who have made a reservation.

Hygiene and safety

  1. Flat surfaces and other elements of the Studio equipment, with which the Client has no direct contact during the Treatment, are disinfected or sterilized at least once a day.
  2. Studio employees are required to perform systematic health examinations in order to eliminate any diseases, infections, illnesses and ailments that could expose Clients to harm to their health or transmit to Clients.
  3. Studio employees with open wounds and cuts or oozing skin lesions that cannot be properly protected from contact with the Client’s body shall be excluded from providing services until the above deviations have been completely corrected.
  4. Only disinfectants approved for use in massage parlors are used in the Studio.

Provision of massage and natural therapy services

  1. In order to use the services of the Studio it is necessary to make a prior reservation by phone, in person or online. The customer agrees to provide services in accordance with the specified date.
  2. The basis for using the services of the Studio is to make payment for the Treatment in accordance with the applicable price list.
  3. Before starting the treatment, the employee conducts an interview with the Client in order to determine whether the Client’s health condition, past or present illnesses, as well as lifestyle do not constitute contraindications to undergo treatment or do not pose a risk of side effects, and in order to determine post-treatment recommendations.
  4. Each Client is familiarized with contraindications, side effects and post-treatment recommendations, and by proceeding to the Treatment, they are fully aware of them and accept them. In the case of the most serious Treatments and complications, the Worker has the right to receive a written confirmation on the subject, and to refuse to perform the Treatment in the absence of a desire to make such a statement by the Client.
  5. Clients, prior to the start of the Treatment, are required to notify the Worker of any ailments and contraindications that may affect the course of the Treatment, in particular: heart diseases, use of a pacemaker, cancer, inflammatory conditions in the acute phase, a history of jaundice and other infectious diseases, pregnancy or the postpartum period, prostheses or orthotics-platelets, attachments, screws, etc. that are in their possession.
  6. Whenever the Treatment is not performed in a series with a maximum interval of 7 days between successive Treatments, or prior to commencement of the next series, which occurs after a period of more than 14 days, the Client should confirm the validity of the history and information provided. Any changes require a written update of the interview and the Client’s signature.
  7. The Client is obliged not to wear any jewelry during the treatment. Any valuables should be stored by the Client at his/her responsibility in designated places.
  8. The Clients are obliged to inform the Employee immediately if they feel unwell during the course of the Treatment.
  9. In case of doubts about the safety of the treatment, the Worker may refuse to carry it out.
  10. The employee has the right to refuse to provide the Treatment also if he has doubts whether the Client is not planning to defraud the treatment and if he finds out that the Client is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


  1. The Client is obliged to pay for the services provided. The price list of Treatments is available at the Clinic and available on the Internet at: .
  2. The following payment methods are available at the Clinic: cash payment, payment by credit card and by transfer after prior arrangement. The Salon does not charge additional fees for non-cash transactions.
  3. The Studio reserves the right to conduct temporary promotions for the provided Treatments. Taking advantage of the reduced price or promotional offer may be subject to separate rules, which will be made public.
  4. Clients who have paid the full price of the Treatment are not entitled to any claims as a result of the promotion.
    The Studio also offers Vouchers, Gift Vouchers, Carnets/Vouchers paid in advance, entitling to a specific number of Treatments at a time not exceeding the date written on the Carnet/Voucher. Studio is not obliged to realize the above mentioned vouchers / passes after the expiry of the agreed time
  5. Purchased Vouchers, Gift Vouchers, Carnets/Vouchers are non-refundable.
  6. In the event of failure to cancel an appointment scheduled within a purchased Voucher/Gift Certificate/Voucher, the said promotional coupons shall be forfeited and the Studio shall not be obliged to refund the fees previously paid for them.


  1. Clients are responsible for any damage to Studio equipment without limitation. For damages caused by minors, their legal representatives are responsible.
  2. Clients are obliged to leave personal belongings in lockers
  3. The Cabinet is responsible for the coatings entrusted for safekeeping if there is a separate place for them in the
  4. Cabinet or other items if they have been expressly accepted for safekeeping.
  5. However, the Cabinet shall not be liable for any items left in the outer garment or in the Cabinet outside the places designated for their storage, in particular valuables, bags, backpacks and purses, which the Client should keep with them.
  6. The Studio shall be liable for improper performance of the Treatment by its Employees.
    Failure by the Client to comply with the provisions of the Regulations or submission of false statements regarding his/her health condition and contraindications or in an interview shall result in the exclusion of responsibility for the performed Treatment on the part of the Studio.
  7. The Studio is not responsible for Client dissatisfaction with the final result of the treatment, resulting from subjective feelings of the Client, if it was performed in a professional manner, consistent with the art of massage and naturotherapy in a manner not inconsistent with generally accepted standards.
  8. The visit to the treatment must be proven by the customer, for example, in the form of a bill.
    The studio has a third party insurance policy.

Other provisions

  1. Smoking and use of tobacco and nicotine products, including electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited on the whole area of the Studio. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and other kinds of stimulants and narcotics is strictly prohibited.
  2. On the premises of the Studio, changeable shoes or disposable protectors are obligatory.
  3. It is forbidden to use the Infrared Sauna by oneself, to set its parameters, to introduce other people.
  4. It is forbidden to bring animals into the Studio area.
  5. For the sake of safety, children should not be taken into the Studio.
  6. Please do not use telephones during the treatments. Please mute or turn off the device.

Final provisions

  1. Each Client has the right to inspect the regulations, price list and certificates referred to by the Studio or its employees.
  2. The Studio reserves the right to make changes in the regulations. New provisions are binding from the moment of their publication in the Studio. For reservations and treatments performed before the change, the current provisions shall apply.
  3. Any disputes arising from the services provided shall be resolved amicably in the first instance.
  4. These regulations are valid from 01.05.2021.