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Gabinet JuriMo / Classic partial massage



Classic massage is one of the most popular forms of massage with a very wide spectrum of applications. This form of therapy can be used both for therapeutic purposes – including injuries, orthopedic or neurological diseases, as well as to relax or strengthen muscles. Properly applied techniques have a positive effect on the removal of troublesome ailments.

The benefits of using massage the spine in Studio Jurimo:

  • Easing the pain of neck and paraspinal muscles,
  • removing tension
  • provides for a longer time better well-being and relaxation,
  • releases the tension caused by stress

Who is it for this kind of massage?

  • for people with sedentary work
  • for people with active lifestyles, athletes,
  • for people suffering spine diseases
  • for people who have a problem with excessive muscle tension.
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