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Lomi Lomi is a unique full body massage of ancient tradition and roots, coming from Hawaii. It is performed in the spirit of Aloha – with total acceptance, kindness, respect and mindfulness, approaching a man in a holistic way. It works on every level of human functioning, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Lomi Lomi massage in our studio also is improved with the intuitive massage and therapeutic techniques such as shiatsu, reflexology, holistic pulsating massage. During the procedure is passed: conscious, attentive, respectful and accepting touch. That kind of touch has healing powers. The therapist massages mainly with forearms, also uses hand and whole arm and elbow. The focus, strength and intensity of the massage is customized to the needs of the customer.

It is suitable for people of any age, any fitness and health. For anyone who needs silence, deep relaxation, regenerate energy and life force. They can also use it in pregnant women.

The benefits of Lomi Lomi massage:

  • has both therapeutic and relaxing influence
  • dissolves tension and blockages in the body, unlocks and dissolves repressed emotions
  • relaxes the deep muscles and tissues, relieves pain,
  • relaxes joints and improves it’s mobility,
  • improves the flow in the physical body (blood , lymph) and at the energetic levels
  • helps to release limiting patterns stored in the memory cell of the body
  • has a remarkable effect on the skin-improves it’s smoothness, firmness and elasticity
  • cleanses the body of toxins
  • helps relieve stress and its consequences
  • helps to open up for a positive changes in ourselves and in our lives,
  • stimulates and increases the flow of vital energy and vitality and healing powers of the body


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