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Complementary medicine

Complementary medicine


Energy is present in the world and accompanies us every day. By some considered as a method of unconventional medicine, by others as a kind of lifestyle. With the help of an experienced bioenergy therapist from our facility in Krakow, you can brought into your life full harmony on the physical, emotional, spiritual level.
Price: from 90 zł, Duration: 1 h More Details:


After introducing into different state of mind, therapist through gentle suggestion works with the person’s subconscious mind. With hypnotherapy we can change habits, patterns and thought patterns stored deep in the unconscious
Price: 199 zł, Duration: 1 h More details:


Ear candling is a technique Treatment with a long tradition. Allows you to get rid of excess ear wax, but also relieves headache and relaxing effect on the body.
Price: from 49 zł, Duration: 45 min More details:


Infrared sauna with a system of deep heat penetration analgesic and antidepressant, and also rejuvenates the appearance, reduces stress and cleanses the body of toxins and fatty acids. It’s innovative use of infrared heaters that affect the human body in a manner similar to sunlight. InfraRed sauna generates the appropriate wavelengths of infrared light without harmful UV radiation.
Price: from 35 zł, Duration: 40 min More details:


KATHARSIS is a unique workshop of psychorelaxation and healing, which is carried out in small groups. Workshops teach techniques for coping with stress and methods for relaxation.
Price: 60 zł, Duration: 3h More details:


If you feel tension back, neck, or caught you arrest a sharp pain – we invite you to consult therapy. Discover the cause of the discomfort and determine individual therapy for you that will provide relief and devour common ailments.
Price: 99 zł, Duration: 60 min More details: