Pricing - Kraków - Gabinet JuriMo


Full Body  Massages Time. minutes Price pln. x1 / pass
“Master”, “Stimulating”, “Tibetian”, “Lomi Lomi”, “Sports”
Holistic massages “from head to toe,” with a hot essential oils. Deeply and firmly move all the joints, muscles and senses. Plus warm-up 20 minutes in a InfraRed cabin (See reviews)
+ 90 ‘ 195/149
Hot Stones – “Feast of the Elements”
Full body massage, with hot basalt stones from the Dead Sea,
with essential oils. Plus warm-up 20 minutes in a cab InfraRed (infra-red).
+ 90 ‘ 195/149
Prenatal Massage
Specialist relaxing massage. It is indicated as any properly dosed physical activity and a great help for expectant mothers during pregnancy.
+ 90 ‘ 195/149
Partial Massages Time. minutes Price pln. x1 / pass
Back Massage
Healing and relaxing massage from the buttocks to the neck. (See reviews)
50 ‘ 110/89
Lymphatic drainage – “Light legs”
Manual specialist treatment, reducing the pressure in the veins of the lower limbs and eliminating the feeling of heavy legs. (See reviews)
50 ‘ 110/89
Hindu  Head Massage
Reliable way to relieve stress and depression! Energetic massage of head, and the entire shoulder girdle, neck, ears and face. Introduces you into different blissful state of consciousness and restores positive stimulation. (See reviews)
40 ‘ 90/79
“LIPO-REDUCTING” Anticellulite  Massage 
Intensive massage parts of the body covered by cellulite (abdomen, thighs, buttocks). Helps prevent unnecessary pounds. Recommended for those who want to slim their body.
 90 ‘ 195/149
Complementary Medicine Time. minutes Price pln. x1 / pass
Candling or conch – relief for the ears, sinuses and throat
Professional hygiene and restorative treatment with ear candles, made of genuine herbal candles. (See reviews)
40 ‘ 70/49
Candling, or conch preceded by a Hindu head massage
Stimulation receptors on the head, the face, the ears contributes to achieving the therapeutic effect (See reviews)
60 ‘ 100/89
Infra – “Healthy Infrared,”
session at the cabin Infrared (See reviews)
40 ‘ 50/35
Therapeutic consultation with Jurij Mokriszczew
(It’s recommended to have a radiological examination of the spine and sporting disguises )
60′ 100
Relaxation Workshop KATHARSIS
(in groups of up to 10 people)
The program includes:
– Deep-controlled relaxation of body and mind
– Śmiechoterapia,
– Techniques for relieving stress.
90 ‘ 60
Workouts and Weight Loss Center Fit-ON Time Price pln. x1/pass
Personal  training 
Physical activities conducted for achieving the customer training objectives.
+60 ‘ 130/99
Dietary consultations:
Analysis of current eating habits and the development of the individual distribution of meals needed to achieve the objectives of the training.
45 ‘ 99
“Spine emergency”. Preventive and corrective exercises – effective and lasting relief for back and neck
Individually tailored deep muscle training, among others, on Jewminow’s Profilactor, after consultation with a therapist
45 ‘ 100/79