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Jurij Mokriszczew

1Jurij Mokriszczew
-massage therapist,
-bioenergy therapist

Certified Master of Bioenergy of Polish Craft Association, Vice-president of Guild of Naturopaths and Hypnotists.For HEALTH there are many ways and many terms. For me it is primarily a state of mind similar to Happiness or Love. Every moment is good to take care of that. I’m engaged paramedical activities professionally since 1989, when I got the first qualification as a bioenergy therapist in Kiev. I specialized myself at various courses to perfect techniques of massage and other forms of psychoenergetic support. Over the past decade I performed mainly as a hypnotist entertainer – www.HipnoShow.pl . Now it’s time for me to return to individual meetings and small groups in collaboration with other natuopath’s of high level of professional and spiritual.