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During the session, therapist introduces a person into a different state of consciousness, similar to the moment just before falling asleep.

That state is characterized with a reduction in the frequency of brain waves from Beta to Alpha and later Theta. It’s accompanied with unusual feeling of bliss and peace. In that state of counsciousness person starts to recover psycho-physical harmony.

Stress and haste of everyday life go away, body and mind are relaxed. The therapist, through gentle suggestion works with the subconscious mind. With hypnotherapy we can change habits, patterns and thought patterns stored deep in the unconscious.

Hypnotherapy can help you with:
– addictions (tobacco smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction),
– depression, neuroses, phobias,
– problems of professional, health, and relationships with other people,
– insomnia, narcolepsy, bad dreams,
– eating disorders: bulimia, anorexia, obesity,
– posttraumatic stress disorder.

Contact me, I will answer all of your questions. If you have a fully satisfying life, please share that information with your friends, maybe one of them needs my support. Maksym Komar.

Price: 60min / 250 zl
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