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Preventive and corrective exercises – effective and lasting relief for back and neck.

Individually tailored deep muscle training, among others, on Profilaktorze Jewminowa, after consultation with the therapist.

If you feel tension back, neck, or caught you arrest a sharp pain – we invite you for a consultation. Together we analyze your movement habits and find reasons for discomfort. Also we determine individual therapy for you that will provide relief and devour common ailments. As one of the few in Krakow, in our training, we use a specialized tool to exercise the muscles deep which is Profilaktor Jewminowa. A few words about this unique device: Profilaktor and exercise regime W. Jewminowa – a method that in a short time after review and approval by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, was patented in all European countries, as a method of prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine and therapeutic corrective exercises ( physiotherapy) “Profilaktor Jewminowa” is intended for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases of the spine:

  • osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • the initial form of scoliosis and prevention of the progression of its severe forms
  • Scheuermann’s disease – Mau – avascular necrosis of the spine or juvenile kyphosis,
  • different posture,
  • inflammation of the spinal roots of various etiologies.

Excerpts from an article from the newspaper “Health in Krakow”:

At the Spine suffers today practically everyone, regardless of age or profession. Changes often occur in children already in preschool, then, when a man grows up, can they increase further. Therefore, it is important to prevention of the spine, and if changes have already occurred – effective treatment. One of the methods that give the possibility of prevention, as well as get rid of posture is patented in all European countries Vyacheslav method Jewminowa, founder of Spine Treatment Centre in Kiev. It is based primarily on mastering the basic rules in the field of caring for the backbone, while the use of a special tool and sports rehabilitation, which is Profilaktor Jewminowa. This method is dedicated to all those who do not want to have problems with the spine. It is designed primarily for preventing and treating conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, sciatica, spondylosis (spondylolisthesis) and many others. Underlying diseases of the spine is deformed intervertebral disc, which in turn is the result of a lack of nutrition and strengthen its basic structures. To effectively diffusely nourish the intervertebral disc, it is necessary to the smooth functioning of the so-called. pump mechanism in the spine. And it can be strengthened and improved, using specially selected exercises, consisting of alternating encumbrance and stretch the muscles of the spine. This type of exercise can be done just on Profilaktorze Jewminowa.

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