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It strengthens the whole body, but does not cause visible muscle development. It reduces the risk of injury during everyday activities and allows you to move more confidently and efficiently. During training, we work on specific movement patterns and shape one or several parameters such as strength, speed, power, strength endurance, cardiovascular fitness, coordination, acceleration, stability, mobility, flexibility.

The advantage of this form of exercise is also work on deep muscles, which, when strengthened, help maintain proper posture and prevent back pain. This is especially important with a sedentary lifestyle, which weakens the muscular corset, which in turn contributes to pain, especially in the lower part of the spine.

For whom:

  • for people who want to increase physical fitness,
  • for people leading a sedentary lifestyle / work,
  • for people who experience backache,
  • for people who want training to have an impact on everyday activities.
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