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Back Massage with Jaroslaw Wisniowski



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THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE “THE BACK IS THE BASIS” with Jarosław Wiśniowski – owner of the Studio

We have prepared a special offer for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle – they spend a lot of time at a computer or many hours at a desk. We perform a manual, therapeutic massage of the spine from the buttocks to the neck. Spinal massage is used to eliminate and minimize chronic muscle tension and pain. Properly applied techniques lead to the cessation of ailments such as: neck stiffness, tension in the shoulder girdle, and pain in the lumbar section. The treatments offered allow you to work out trigger points that are caused by accumulated muscle tension.

Advantages of using a classic spine massage at Studio Jurimo in Krakow:

  • relieves pain in the neck,
  • nape and back muscles,
  • ensures well-being and relaxation,
  • relieves tension caused by stress.

Who are our services primarily aimed at?

  • for people who spend many hours a day sitting,
  • to all those leading an active lifestyle,
  • suffering from diseases related to,
  • among others, the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine,
  • having problems with excessive muscle tension.

DURATION: 50 min