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The treatment gently affects all layers of the skin of the face, neck and neckline. It is the solution to most aesthetic problems occurring at the skin and subcutaneous tissue level.

Each treatment consists of 3 specialized stages:

  1. Modeling: correction of lipodystrophic changes in the lower parts of the face and restoration of skin plasticity.
  2. Dermotonization: restoration of tension and elasticity of the facial skin, and reduction of visible wrinkles.
  3. Regeneration: this is a very important stage, whose goal is to stimulate the reconstruction of the skin after plastic and traumatic injuries. This technique pays special attention to certain areas of the face that have specific properties of structure, innervation and blood circulation: eyelids, eye sockets, lips and neck.

The Dermoplastic facial massage method is one of the most effective techniques in contemporary aesthetic cosmetology of facial massage. It is also used as an effective method of correcting many aesthetic imperfections.


  • smoothing wrinkles,
  • delaying the formation of new imperfections,
  • improving skin oxygenation,
  • increasing the elasticity and firming of the tissues,
  • great relaxation for the muscles of the face,
  • neck and cleavage.
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