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The world is Energy.

It is impossible to describe in words something that defies descriptions and understanding of the mind.

Bioenergoterapy commonly is considered to be a method of healing physical ailments. However, it’s possibilities are infinity. Bioenergy treatment brings harmony at every aspect of human existence: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual. Achieving harmony at all these levels is a prerequisite for full health. At bioenergy session we do not pass anyone of your energy and do not perceive anyone’s. We balance and harmonize energy. When we restore the balance, we give a chance for recovery.
Bioenergotheraptist only transfers the energy. During transmission client and therapist work together. The client obtains the harmony and thus trigger the same treatment processes.

Indications for bioenergoterapy:

– backaches, back pains;
– wound healing after surgery, ulcers;
– sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, sinus;
– cancer, also between the reception of chemistry, fibroids, tumors of the brain;
– depression, psychosis, neurosis, hyperactivity, sleep disorders;
– heart disease and internal organs of the abdominal cavity;
– addictions: alcoholism, smoking – cleansing the body;
– menstrual disorders, reproductive disorders;
– kidney, urinary deseases

Price: 50min / 99PLN
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