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Massage and Natural Therapy Studio JuriMo

JuriMo is a professional Massage and Natural Therapy Studio based in Cracow. For more than five years, we offer treatments that improve the comfort of motion, condition of the spine and deeply relax muscles. Visiting us, you will be able to calm down, recuperate and forget about the outside world. JuriMo is a place that allows you to stop for a moment the pace of everyday life. You will experience full relaxation, harmony and rest, as well as restoration of the body physical balance. In JuriMo You can find therapeutic massages, anti-stress and deeply relaxing rituals with a hot essential oils or hot stones, beneficially affect the body and mind. We offer professional treatments using traditional methods, complemented with oriental elements.

You can also visit our Training and Weight Loss Centre – Fit ON. We are providing our Clients with physical trainings to help alleviate back pains, shaping the body and help to burn unnecessary fat.

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